About Us

About GrassRoots Audio

GrassRoots Audio is a superior music library with a focus on empowering and helping students and Indie film makers. We are associated with a Los Angeles/Hollywood base full-service production and post production company, which specializes in everything from conceptualizing and producing commercials, music videos, movie trailers, marketing, and advertising campaigns.

Our library contains a plethora of radio quality instrumental tracks available through a monthly subscription service. Our tracks were designed with the artist in mind. GrassRoots Audio tracks have been heard on radio, television, and film projects.

"GrassRoots" are the most basic level of an activity or organization. They serve as the foundataion and everything grows from the bottom up. GrassRoots Audio serves as the foundation of your creative music needs. It's about music you can grow from. Our producers are based in the Pacific Northwest with affiliate producers located around the United States. We focus on high quality instrumentals and music with lyrics.

***While our library is stocked with radio ready instrumentals, CUSTOM MUSIC is also available upon request.***